Jollof Rice

Nigeria? Ghana? Liberia? Senegal?  The great Jollof debate ensues.


We’ve poured all of our favorite parts into AYO’s take on this classic dish.


Our one-pot version starts with sautéed tomatoes and onions and ends with the beautiful finish of fresh spices and herbs.

Enjoy it by itself, or pair it with your favorite veg or protein to bring a bit more adventure to your plate!

AYO Jollof Rice

Cassava Leaf Soup

No holiday is complete in our home without a big, delicious pot of cassava leaf! Also known as yuca, cassava is an incredibly versatile root vegetable.


While the leaves go unused in many cultures, our recipe begins with the grinding of fibrous leaves. Leaves are slow simmered with chicken, peppers, and savory spices.


Although we call it a soup (in line with just about everything else in our house :), this dish eats much more like an American stew and is best served over rice which we’ve included for you!

Cassava Leaf Soup

Egusi Seed Soup

The ground Egusi seed is the star of the show in AYO’s Egusi Seed Soup. Known for its healthy fat, and high protein content, we grind the Egusi seeds with onions as the starting point for this one of a kind dish. Next, we layer in the hormone and anti-biotic free chicken, fresh greens, and spices and let it all slow cook into the perfect stew.


Similar to our Cassava Leaf Soup, although we call it a soup, this dish eats much more like a stew. Our version is served with rice, but it’s equally delicious with a pounded dough called fufu.

Egusi Seed Soup
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