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In West Africa, Ayo means joy. So it was fitting that when a natural products industry vet and a serial entrepreneur combined their talents it would be a labor of love that inspired lots of joy along the way.



Anyone who knows us will tell you that nothing brings us more joy than sharing a meal with friends and family. So sit down, dig in, and join us as we celebrate the culture, the people, and the food that inspires us.



Peace, Love, & Ayo!

Perteet & Fred

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In Kpelle, “Moonboi” means prosperity. At AYO Foods, we believe that we have a personal responsibility to enrich the communities that inspired our products, so we are thrilled to launch the Moonboi Project.



Our inaugural partner in this work is Girl Power Africa, a non-profit committed to empowering women and children whose circumstances have been impacted by Civil War and Ebola in Liberia to rise above economic and social conditions through entrepreneurship.



Through our partnership with Girl Power Africa and the power of food, AYO is supporting the cultivation of 15 acres of Liberian farmland. These outputs will be used to create new income opportunities for the women of Girl Power Africa.



To learn more about Girl Power Africa, visit www.girlpowerafrica.org


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