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Taste Of Senegal

Chicken Yassa (2)

Chef Adjepong’s specially crafted version of one of West Africa’s most popular dishes.  Marinated and slow-braised chicken thighs meld with caramelized onions, lemon, Dijon, and spices to form an incredible dish you won’t soon forget.

Groundnut Stew (1)

One pot peanut butter stew slow-cooked in a savory sauce with chicken thighs, tomatoes, onions, and ginger.

Jollof Rice (1)

This one pot of deliciousness connects many countries across West Africa. Tinged a beautiful color from tomatoes, onions, and chiles cooked down to a bubbling glaze, AYO’s version is sure to be one to win the great debate!

Cassava Leaf (1)

Cassava, also known as yuca, is an incredibly versatile root vegetable. It can be boiled, baked, steamed, grilled, fried, or mashed. Our recipe starts by grinding the cassava roots with protein-rich leaves. Next, we slowly simmer them with organic palm oil, hormone-free chicken, peppers, and spices until it simmers perfectly into our family’s favorite stew and is served over rice.


Puff Puff(1)

Kala in Liberia, Bofrot in Ghana, Beignet in Cameroon, Puff Puff in Nigeria. Whatever you call it, this simply fried dough is far from basic. AYO’s Puff Puff is made with organic ingredients and easy to enjoy any time of day plain, dusted with powdered sugar, scooped with a side of beans, or our personal favorited dunked in fresh pepper sauce.

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